Saturday, April 19, 2008

new baby

Well, I was planning to wait a couple more weeks to get a new cat, but the lady with the kittens called today to say that her husband was done with them and was planning to take them to the pound if they didn't get out of his house. I decided that it was better to take one early than not get one and have them end up at the pound. So I now have a very little girl in my house. She's currently burrowed in a blanket on the couch sleeping. Apparently, being run from house to house to get adopted was stressful! She's a gray and white tuxedo, and I had forgotten how small kittens are!

I'm pondering names. So far, my ideas are Boleyn, Salinger, and Tambien. My friend Charlie suggested Samantha. I'll keep you apprised and post photos when she wakes up!

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