Sunday, April 27, 2008

a good weekend

I had such a good Saturday!

I started out by taking Tambien (yup, that's the name I picked) to the vet, where they told me that she's actually a little big for her age (who knew that 6/10 of a pound was big???!!!???) and gave her a shot. The wonderful vet also clipped her nails, so she can no longer use my flesh as a scratching post!!

Cute vet, btw. I decided to find a new vet's office after the deal with Cezanne. I was frustrated by the unwillingness of the vet at VCA to give me a straight story, and I'd gotten annoyed at the fact that we never saw the same vet--the lady I worked with when D'Urb was so sick last spring doesn't even work there anymore. So I went to Bridget's vet; he's been in business for almost 25 years and has few associate vets. I got the associate guy on Saturday.

Then I went to the mall, where I got my Clinique refills and caught bonus time (yay, gift with purchase!!). As I sat eating my lunch, I saw a woman coming out of a salon with a fresh pedi and thought, "oooo, yeah!" So I called Douglas J in Royal Oak and scheduled one. Two hours and $39 later, I had beautiful soft feet and a new bottle of OPI polish (it came with parafin too!). Great place--I'm a fan. I'd go back for anything but a haircut and only because I want an ongoing relationship with my hairstylist and the students are done in 11 months.

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