Saturday, May 3, 2008


After the drama of losing Tam, I was really ready to find a new baby. My other cat, Toby, was wandering about looking for Tam, and I just felt so badly for him! So, I was planning to go to the Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo event this weekend. But then I found out that it was supposed to rain all day today. So I started looking around online on Petfinder.

I happened to click on a cat at the Dearborn Animal Shelter, and I found that they were running a previous adopter special--half off on any animal if you adopted from them before. Well, Toby is from the Dearborn Shelter, and so was Cezanne. Yay, half price! So Wednesday I went in and checked out the kittens. It took five full minutes; this little girl cuddled in and started to purr the minute I picked her up. So I made the arrangements and picked her up yesterday.

Toby is not thrilled by the idea of a new shadow, but he's pretty good with other cats, so I think he'll chill out.

I've named her Sedona, because her colors look like the faded colors of the rocks at dusk in the desert. Pretty little thing, isn't she?

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Michael said...

Very pretty cat. I'm glad you were able to find a new one.